Saturday, March 14, 2009

The historical Places here in the philippines,,,

Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte... "Rizal was implicated in the activities of the nascent rebellion and in July 1892 was deported to Dapitan"...Zamboanga City... "Fort Pilar is a 17th century military defence fortress built by the Spanish colonial government in Zamboanga City"...Battle Memorial in Davao City... "A historical marker of the longest-fought battle between the troops of the American & Filipino forces and of the Japanese Imperial Army which took place in Mintal, Tugbok District"...Japanese Peace Memorial Shrine in Davao City... "During the 'Ubon Yasumi,' Japan's version of All Souls' Day held in August, Japanese war veterans and their kin take a pilgrimage to visit this memorial shrine...Mintal Historical Marker, Davao City... "A memorial to Col. Yamada who defended Mintal during the war. It is also the site of the visit of McArthur, Stillwel and Eichelberger"...Old Japanese Houses, Davao City... "The site of old Japanese homes, warehouses and abaca processing and drying plants before and during World War II"...Osmeña Park in Davao City... "Formerly known as the Plaza, this was the site of the settlement of the early Davaoeños"...San Pedro Cathedral in the City of Davao... "One of the oldest churches in Mindanao, the original structure of the church was built in 1847 in honor of St. Peter, the city's patron saint"...Tamontaka Church in Cotabato City... "Built in 1872 of Spanish architecture and design. It is the oldest church in the city, a relic of the living past"...Takumi Butai Memorial Shrine, Cotabato City... "A monument in honor of Takumi Butai and Japanese soldiers who died here during the Second world War"...Cathedral of Santa Isabel de Portugal in Isabela City... "The seat of the Diocese of Basilan and Prelature of Isabela, built in 1960s mod-art style with a distinctively Classical Roman mosaic for an altar wall"...Kaumpurnah Mosque, Isabela City... "Historic seat of Islamic faith and teaching in Basilan"...Sta. Cruz, Dipolog City... "The spot where migrating Boholanos from the Visayas landed and established settlement. A cross was erected by the settlers on May 3, 1905 as a thanksgiving altar to God for their safe journey. Roman Catholic mass were likewise celebrated on this area before the Spaniards established a Chapel 1.5 kilometers inward along the town center street now known as Rizal Avenue. A Cathedral was later erected by the Spanish friars sometime in 1895 replacing the old church, with Dr. Jose Rizal designing the church altar from a sketch requested by his former professor, Fr. Jose Villaclara, once Dipolog's cura during Spanish Era"...and many, many, more...


Every places here in the philippines have a diffrent historical history,,,,,,that serves as the remembrace of the past,,,,remembrace of the war,,,,,,remembrace of the journey of every Pilipino's under the hands of diffrent foreigner,,,,,,

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